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If you are interested in holding training on issues of sexual exploitation in your community or at your organization, here is a list of organizations and resources to assist you.  Below you will find information about seminars, workshops and other training that is available in BC for parents, teachers, children and youth, and service providers. 

You will also find links to information about developing training or workshops material for your own community.


Manuals, Instruction Guides and Curriculum: A list of resources for those working with sexually exploited youth

This guide has been developed to assist individuals and organizations that wish to facilitate workshops and educational forums on sexual exploitation.  The guide lists articles, curriculum and workshop manuals geared toward addressing sexual exploitation.

Download from McCreary Society website here

Train the Trainer

This training model is designed to give service providers tools for working with parents and caregivers of commercially sexually exploited children and youth.  The workshops focus on raising awareness about sexual exploitation, identifying ways to support parents and caregivers, and sharing information about programs and services available to families.

For more information visit the Children of the Street Society website

It Can Happen to Anyone

This workshop is designed for youth, parents and a general community audience to raise awareness about the widespread nature of sexual exploitation.  The facilitator shares her own family experiences and uses information directly from youth who have been in the sex trade.

For more information visit the Children of the Street Society website

TCO2 (Taking Care of Ourselves and Taking Care of Others)

These dynamic workshops are developed by youth for youth and are aimed at giving youth information to prevent them from being sexually exploited.  They address the intersecting factors surrounding sexual exploitation such as drug use, street life and other risk factors.

For more information visit the Children of the Street Society website

SEPP (Sexual Exploitation Prevention Projects)

SEPP was started in 2004 by a survivor of sexual exploitation and aims to raise awareness about the needs and experiences of exploited youth.  This program offers workshops for youth, service providers and other members of the community.

For more information see John Howard Society of the Lower Mainland

Cyber Breach

Cyber Breach offers training from Bruce Headridge, a retired 29-year veteran of the Vancouver police department.  They provide seminars and workshops in areas of Internet Awareness and Safety for grandparents and parents, students, schools, & professionals.

Visit Cyber Breach for more information

Safe OnLine Outreach Society (SOLOS)

SOLOS provides training and workshops on online recruitment and exploitation.  They also have produced a curriculum on online sexual exploitation, youth internet safety booklets.

For more information visit SOLOS online

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